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Testimonials from clients taking our tours to Chile

Chile testimonials

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Chile trip, John Kotsinonos (from USA) - January 28, 2014


The trip was fantastic, if not a bit exhausting for all the right reasons, at times.

Everything was planned to the minute and we were rarely waiting for anything or anyone which was fantastic. Hotel Grey was amazing as was the room. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and I would gladly use and recommend your service again. Will send a few pictures this weekend as we got a couple good shots.

Again, thank you for your help through the process.

Chile trip, Megan Silva (from Australian) - January 20, 2014

Thank you Laura,
The trip has been fantastic.

Thank you so much for all your efforts, everything has gone just as planned. The accommodation everywhere has been good, the Bonaparte Hotel in particular has been excellent. Nice rooms and very helpful staff. Huilo Huillo was spectacular and they were very helpful in organising tours, we especially loved the. Trip to the glacier on the volcano. The cruise was great, and the San Rafael Glacier was beautiful and the lagoon and icebergs phenomenal.

Patagonia was windy, but very beautiful, and the view from the hotel spectacular. Thank you for organising such a varied view of Chile.

Most especially thank you for making the changes we asked for and responding to our wishes and delays cheerfully and promptly.


Chile trip, Berry Ferdinand (from Trinidad & Tobago) - January 17, 2014

Hi Laura,

Everyone was happy with your selection of events. your service was great , pity we did not have the previledge of meeting you. i would recommend you to any interested party from T&T should the opertunity arise.

Thanks to all involved in making our visit to your country a memorable one.

Chile trip, Wai Ling Mok (from Malaysia) - November 19, 2013

Hi Laura

We had a lovely time in Chile, especially at Tierra Patagonia.

The hotels in Santiago, Punta Arenas and especially Torres del Paines were amazing. We enjoyed ourselves the most in Tierra Patagonia. The guide who brought us around on the excursions, Nacho was wonderful he brought us on our first excursion, and our group then requested for him to bring us for all the other excursions we signed up for. He is also very funny, and passionate about his job and the environment. He is definitely our favourite.

The other guides were OK.

I will send some photos once weve managed to sort them out.

Wai Ling

Chile trip, Paul Broussard (from USA) - December 10, 2012


We just got back home yesterday afternoon. The trip was wonderful! We did so much in the 3 weeks we were in South America. The wedding was a real experience. I can call it an extravaganza! Everything went very well. We were very pleased with all your efforts for our trip. The Hertz rentals went just as planned, the hotels were excellent, and our guide in Santiago was terrific. We got to be good friends with him and he might come over to visit the USA and stop by to see us.

Thank you and LatinDiscover!


Chile trip, Sebastian Pusch (from Germany) - November 27, 2012

Hi Laura,

how are you ?

All the pick up services were perfect, all were on time, so I cant complain about that.

The accommodation Cuernos is good and I liked the hotel Torres del Paine a lot....you can easily recommend the hotel to anyone.

After Torres del Paine I did the cruise! You were right ...it was awesome well worth each dollar! The best of my trip, I just loved each single day on the boat and staff were so nice.....incredible.

Tierra del Fuego was nice, but I think I stayed there one day too much......the hotel was really good!

Then I went to El Chalten...the hotel is nice. Fitz Roy was wonderful...I was lucky with the weather ..sunshine!

Calafate was really cool...I liked the Perito Moreno Glacier...really impressive and the mini trekking was cool. The hotel is perfect...I loved it a lot. But maybe it is for some people important to know that it takes about 10 up to 15 minutes by taxi to reach the city centre...I mean for example if you want to go out....for me this was not a problem.

The hotel in Buenos Aires was awesome....highly recommended!

Thanks again for your great job!

All the best

Chile trip, Carla Christopher (from South Africa) - March 14, 2012

Hi Laura

Mr Alexander had a great time. He loved all the hotels, he didn`t like Santiago very much (the city that is). But all in all, everyone was very friendly, very lovable and gave him lots of hugs especially the young policeman in Valparaiso.

Once again, a job well done. Thanks for all your assistance, all tour operators, hotels and service was very good. Mr. Alexander will return to Chile but combine it with Argentina Alps and make it a much slower itinerary.

Kind regards,
Sure Gold Travel

Chile trip, Jeff Fouts (from USA) - February 22, 2012


We just returned from our 5 week trip to South America. Our Atacama experience was interesting. Let me say up front that logistics of the trip went very smoothly, the guides were good, the people were friendly and the hotel was quite acceptable given the remote location of the town. I would not hesitate recommending that hotel. In fact, it was probably the nicest hotel we saw in all of San Pedro de Atacama. Dining is a little limited, but we were comfortable there.

When we booked this part of our trip we really didn`t know quite what to expect and it ended up being a unique experience. Not easy or relaxing, but unique. We are 62 years old and in decent shape, but the the altitude bothered us some made the entire four days a tiring experience.

Some of the excursions go over some incredibly primitive roads, rough bouncing, and dusty. Two plus hours each way to go 30 miles.

We did not meet any other Americans during the 4 days. Mostly people were from other South American countries, Germany, France, & Britain. I'm sure there must have been other Americans in the town, but not many. Also, we did not see any people any older than us. Most were younger by 10 years or so, and a lot of younger backpacker types staying in hostels.

The sights are interesting and somewhat dramatic. So, it was a unique international experience.

I was pleased with the LatinDiscover experience and would not hesitate to use your services again or to recommend it to others.

Best wishes,
Jeff Fouts

Chile trip, Scott Kalb (from USA) - February 3, 2012
Hi Laura,

Everything was perfect and in fact, the hotels we stayed at were nicer than I thought they`d be! :) The rental car did the job and the paperwork speed us through customs both going into Argentina and returning back to Chile.

There are a couple things that might help the trip for future reference, although they didn`t affect the outcome of our trip at all. These are based totally on personal experiences and might not apply to all travelers, but knowing some of these might have helped a bit.

1 - Hotel Las Torres - From the entrance to the park to the hotel is quite a ways and it`s all dirt roads. Make sure to leave time to explore the park on the way.

2 - At Hotel Las Torres you can book excursions on horseback, by van or on foot to see glaciers and all the wonders of the park.

3 - Customs on both sides - The customs agents were more willing to help people in cars than those in tour groups on buses. Go inside and ask around and they may either shuffle you to the front of the line or better yet, take you in back and process your car and passports personally. :)

4 - Hotel Temauken in Puerto Natales is not where Google Maps says it is. It`s further up the hill.

5 - Filling the tank with gas - "llenar" means to fill the tank. There are several places to fill the tank right on the outskirts of Punta Arenas.

6 - I would make the recommendation to stay two nights in Torres del Paine National Park.

7 - Not too far from Punta Arenas there is the Seno Otway penguin colony that is worth the short side trip.

Thank you so much! That was an awesome trip and my dad and I had a wonderful time! It truly was a week of seeing some of the most beautiful sights that Patagonia has to offer.

I`ll send some pictures when I filter through them. :)

Thanks again!!!!

Chile trip, Brian L (from USA) - January 16, 2012

Dear Laura,

Overall the trip was wonderful, we enjoyed it immensely and would recommend a similar trip to our friends and family. We loved the hotel that I had chosen in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina: La Casa de Eugenia – a very friendly and homey hosteria in a historic house with great hosts. I would recommend this to other guests who like a more intimate hotel (the Landhaus San Sebastian in Pucon that you had recommended was also a very lovely more intimate place to stay). That being said, we did like very much the hotel in Puerto Varas, so we are not opposed to nice larger hotels too. As I am sure you already know, Puyuhuapi Lodge was just magical, especially over Christmas where they prepared such a nice dining room experience both on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. Hacienda Los Lagos is very special!! Beautiful area of Chile, beautiful accommodations with very lovely and accommodating staff. The excursions there (including the horseback riding) was spectacular. However, like Puyuhuapi, the distance from Balmaceda airport to the hotel is far – about 4hours of driving (over 5 with stops for photos or lunch). We LOVED Hacienda though in all other ways!!!

Thank you!
Best regards, Brian

Chile trip, William Hill (from USA) - December 26, 2011

Hi Laura,

The Self-Drive tour that you arranged for us, we could not be more satisfied with the arrangements. The larger car and the hotel accomodations really made the trip one of the best we have taken. On the drive to Lago Grey, we experienced a major flat tire which left us with only the ones on the wheels and we thought that we would have to drive all the way back to Puerto Natales for a replacement but the staff at Lago Grey were incredibly helpful in finding a new tire in their garage which they provided for us, thus making the rest our our trip a safe and totally enjoyable experience. We found El Calafate quite a surprise and full of life and good food.

Best regards,
William Hill/King Lam


Chile trip, Lindsay Wise (from UK) - December 15, 2011

Hi Laura.

We have just returned home after a great holiday which included our trip to the Lakes and Mountains in Chile, we had a great time and the guides were very good. They spoke good English and gave us a wealth of intresting information about the places we visited. The trips were well planned and good.


Chile trip, Gregory Ivanov (from USA) - October 5, 2011

Dear Laura,

Our journey is complete. Everything was great, we had no big problems. We were happy to see a new country and cities. Thank you for your service and support, we will recommend you to our friends. If we have the opportunity, we want to travel again to Latin America. Greg Ivanov

Chile trip, Liem S (from Singapore) - May 24, 2011

Dear Laura,

We had a great time at Torres del Paine. The Explora staff at the hotel were very professional and I throughly enjoyed our visit there. The hotel is very comfortable and the food superb. The weather also held up well.

Thank you

Chile trip, Nitin Gaur (from USA) - May 16, 2011


Just wanted to drop a note to THANK YOU for all your hard work and making my trip to Atacama a memorable one. ; )

I had  a great time and you delivered everything  you promised. Thank you once again for accomodating my requests and changes. I appreciate all you did for me.

Now I am client for life for Latin America trips, as I have had 2 wonderful experiences with your team.

Thank you