Information about Chile

Here you will find basic facts and information about Chile and its regions, and when to visit.

    Lake District
Moon Valley Santiago & Central Villarica
The fascinating north ranges from arid coasts up to the Andes, and covers the desert and altiplano with rich archaeology, wildlife, indigenous culture and incredible geological formations.
Santiago, the country's capital, is a modern, bustling city with a colonial atmosphere. Around is the heart of Chile's wine country, along with places like Valparaiso on the coast.
This is the land of beautiful valleys, forests, lakes, rivers, hot springs and volcanoes, settled by immigrants a century or more ago and with its own definite culture.
Patagonia   Islands   Hotels
In this still-pioneering and scarcely inhabited region, geography and nature merge and produce the breathtaking landscapes that often defy imagination
Easter Island, Chiloé, and Robinson Crusoe are the best known of Chile's innumerable islands. Or take a flight across to the Falkland Islands, remote and lonely in the Atlantic.
Hotels used in the various tours are carefully selected, often of a boutique type. Of particular interest and charm are lodges in Patagonia, the north, and in the central wine areas.
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