Custom and private tours

We can organise custom itineraries and modify existing tours

Your own custom trip - easy!    see example of your final itinerary webpage
Travel in privacy and at your own pace, have your own group, celebrate special events, or join in with groups as and when you feel like it. Almost all our tours can be modified, additional nights added or cut out anywhere in the itinerary, hotels substituted, extra places visited and features added. Or we can simply create for you a completely fresh itinerary.

Customize an existing tour
- click, browse tours & select
- fill in the form on its right side
or create a new itinerary click the link below
Adventure Around Chile Easter & other islands Lake District Multi-country Northern Chile tours Patagonia Chile Patagonia cruises Santiago & Central Self-drives

No upfront charges
Unlike many tour companies, we do not charge upfront fees to tailor itineraries. We believe the proof is in the pudding: the itinerary we customize or create must convince. Yes, the tour itself may cost more than a normal off-the-shelf job, but often the difference is actually minimal. And if you have a group or charter, we can negotiate lower rates with suppliers.

Our expertise & personal service
The fact is that we don't offer fixed "take it or leave it" tours. We tailor most tours in some way or another for clients, and this is our specialty. We bring nearly 10 years of expertise to arrange the exact tour you want. The same travel specialist works closely with you from start to finish, providing input, suggestions and feedback by phone and email. We ensure the trip addresses your price and service expectations. Our staff really takes the time to understand your needs for the particular journey and then hunt for the elements that achieve this.

Testimonials to show we mean business!
Clients are delighted with the depth of personal attention we provide - as the feedback to the right and our many testimonials show. You can see more than 500 comments from clients, going back to 2001, a reflection of our consistent dedication to getting it right.

Our personalised system supports you
We designed our own system around the client experience. Right from the first enquiry we create your own personal web page(s) so you can instantly see online your itinerary and how it evolves during the tailoring process. Well before you travel we create a password-protected page for you (see Barbara Drue example) that has the full final itinerary, a full list of contacts during your trip, what to do in case of difficulties, and links to all the downloadable travel documents you need. You can circulate this to your friends, and access it easily during your trip.

Special events and honeymoons
Whether you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, a family occasion, or are going on honeymoon, we work tirelessly with you to create (or modify) the itinerary to what you are looking for. In all of these the little touches are essential, and our team really enjoys the challenge and excitement of sculpting great trips. See Testimonials by honeymooners.

We can of course create custom itineraries and adjust existing itineraries. Depending on the size of the group, we should almost always be able to negotiate better prices. Try us!

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