Northern Chile

Parinacota volcano

The Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert, the most arid desert in the world, is like no where else in South America, let alone Chile. It is a compelling place to visit for the spectacular landscapes of El Tatio Geysers, Moon Valley, the Atacama Salt Lake and the Altiplano lakes of Miscanti and Miñiques. There is much culture and history in the region, and San Pedro de Atacama is a fascinating and accommodating place to serve as base.

Chile's Northern Altiplano
This fascinating area is right in the north of the country but easily reached by flying from Santiago to Arica. The extreme dry landscape, home to the Aymara Indians, is marked by geoglyphs, historic Pukaras or fortresses of the Incas, and the stunningly-beautiful Lauca National Park, with snow-topped volcanoes, emerald lakes and a wide variety of birds, from pink flamingos (parinas), to several kinds of ducks. The four South American camelids, guanacos, vicuñas, llamas and alpacas, complete this extraordinary scenery.

Norte Chico, Elqui and Hurtado Valleys, La Serena
The Norte Chico, 450kms to the north of Santiago, is famous for its attractive and fertile valleys stretching from the Andes to the coast. The main city, La Serena, has a charming neo-colonial character and is well-known for its mile-long beaches.

A major attraction is the Fray Jorge National Park, a rain forest in the desert close to the ocean and refuge for foxes, partridges, loicas and eagles. Other attractions are the Elqui Valley, surrounded by mauve, ochre and yellow mountains, and Hurtado Valley with its traditional villages and lifestyle.

Altiplano lakes
Magic of the Altiplano   3 nights from $1013 pp
Discover the far north of Chile, starting at Arica, passing the hieroglyphs of Lluta Valley, colonial villages, Cardones Canyon and reaching the altiplano for the fascinating and remote beauty of Lauca National Park and its wildlife.   more details...
El Tatio Geysers
Magic of Atacama   3 nights from $827 pp
Discover the essentials of the stunning Atacama Desert: San Pedro de Atacama, the Padre Le Paige museum, pre-Inca ruins of Tulor, Toconao, Moon Valley, the Atacama salt lake, and El Tatio Geysers 4,300m high.  more details...
Indian with baby
Northern Chile Highlights   7 nights from $1207 pp
A self-drive around the marvels of northern Chile: the northern altiplano, Lauca National Park and down to the Atacama desert   more details...
Miscanti lake in the high altiplano
Hotel Explora Atacama   3 nights from $N/A pp
Hotel Explora in San Pedro de Atacama combines luxury with adventure and offers a completely different travel experience. Packages for different numbers of nights offer great comfort with a range of exciting guided trips around the Atacama desert.   more details...
Elqui Valley, near La Serena
Hacienda Los Andes   3 nights from $867 pp
This beautiful hacienda, situated deep in the foothills of the Andes in the still-traditional Hurtado Valley, offers great hiking, horse rides and 4 wheel drive trips into the surrounding valley and mountains.  more details...
La Serena
Norte Chico Selfdrive   4 nights from $647 pp
Explore this beautiful fertile region with stunning Andean views, fertile valleys, historical villages and incredibly clear night skies. Starting at La Serena, the circuit covers the Hurtado and Elqui valleys, and includes a hacienda stay.   more details...
Oldest church of Chile in San Pedro de Atacama
Atacama Desert & Northern Argentina   7 nights from $1280 pp
A self-drive around northern Chile and Argentina: Atacama, Moon Valley, Salta, Cafayate, Cachi and Purmamarca  more details...
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