Santiago & Central Valley

Santiago with Andes on the horizon

Santiago de Chile & the Central Valley
The capital of Chile is located in the central region. This area, a fertile valley between the coastal and the Andean Ranges, attracted the Spanish explorer Pedro de Valdivia at first sight. It is the oldest Spanish settlement in Chile, founded right on the Mapocho River, which flows down from the heights of the Andean range. Because of its proximity to the Andes, snowcapped peaks are visible from any point in Santiago. It is a modern and bustling city.

Santiago combines skyscrapers with the colonial atmosphere of its architecture, streets and small squares downtown. Visitors are usually surprised at the city's cleanliness, many well-kept gardens and public parks. Like many other big cities, Santiago suffers a problem of smog which tends to be worse in winter.

Santiago is a very convenient starting point for visits to nearby cultural and natural highlights. It is in the centre of Chilean wine-producing culture. Famous vineyards surrounding the capital are usually open to the public. In an hour and a half you can reach the Pacific Coast to see the historical harbour city of Valparaíso, or enjoy the beaches near Viña del Mar and Reñaca. Driving only one hour in contrary direction, the other road takes you into the Andean Valley of the Maipo River where you can experience the most traditional life in the smaller villages or visit the modern ski resorts closeby.

Grapes in the wine valleys
Wine Valleys, Andes & the Pacific   4 nights from $873 pp
A short and exciting self-drive from Santiago around Colchagua valley wineries, Vina del Mar and Valparaiso on the Pacific Coast.  more details...
Snowboarding and skiing
Ski Valle Nevado - Hotel Valle Nevado   7 nights from $323 pp
Hotel Valle Nevado offers skiing packages at Valle Nevado, 60km from Santiago. Valle Nevado is the biggest skiing region in South America and has world class infrastructure and services.  more details...
Cerro Alegre (Happy Hill) in Valparaiso with a great view
Central Valley Sights   2 nights from $907 pp
Enjoy the central valley from Santiago, Valparaiso and Vina del Mar on the Pacific Coast.  more details...
Santiago with Andes on the horizon
Santiago a la Carta   3 nights from $536 pp
Explore the historic and modern sights of Santiago, Valaparaiso and Vina del Mar  more details...
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