6 Steps of launching a result-focused crypto influencer campaign

Blockchain influencers act as professionals by explaining the benefits of a crypto product to their audiences. They focus on different areas of crypto, and their opinions influence the purchasing behavior of their followers. Crypto influencers are highly regarded individuals on various platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Vimeo, etc. So, a crypto influencer can boost your brand’s popularity.

As the crypto domain is a relatively new area, many people lack knowledge of how it works. Crypto influencers help their followers by breaking down complex concepts of blockchain projects. So, they are effective for ICO, IEO, IDO, and NFT projects. By simplifying the various concepts, they help beginners and veterans in the industry to make wise investment decisions.

If you've got a crypto project to launch, you should identify the right influencers to popularize your business. However, identifying genuine experts is tricky as the market is awash with many individuals who claim to be influencers. And this is why you should hire an experienced crypto marketing agency like TokenMinds to help you. With many years in the crypto industry, TokenMinds can link your project to the right influencers who can market it.

Steps of setting up a crypto influencer campaign

Working with influencers demands that you create a strong bond with them. Here are practical steps that can help you to launch a successful crypto influencer campaign:

Determine your campaign objectives: Identifying your campaign goals is the first step to take before choosing any crypto influencer. Once you've your campaign goals, you can quickly gauge how a particular influencer can help you to meet them.

Pick a specific type of influencer promotion strategy: Now that you've set your goals, the next move is to figure out the kind of influencer marketing campaign you require to meet them. The common forms of influencer marketing strategies include sponsored content, gifting, guest posting, discount codes, content co-creation, and contests and giveaways. You need to choose one that can meet your campaign objectives.

Understanding the audience: You can only achieve a breakthrough with your influencer marketing campaign when you know your audience. The information will help you to evaluate whether a specific influencer can meet your needs.

Luckily, many social media sites have comprehensive analytics capabilities. And this means that influencers understand the recipients of their messages. Once you get a specific influencer’s audience information, compare it with the demographic data of your ideal persona. This helps you to determine whether your information will reach the people who matter the most.

When analyzing your ideal audience, it’s critical to find out the social media channels they use. You’re likely to find crypto audiences in niche media, such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram. So, choose influencers that use these channels.

Explain content creation requirements: After choosing the right influencer, the next stage entails explaining what you expect from them. It would help if you were specific on particular things, such as the amount of content you require from the influencer, where to post the content, and when it should be live.

Give influencers artistic freedom: Influencers have been in the business for a long time and understand their work. Your campaign can benefit a lot from them if you give them space to work. So, please avoid micromanaging them, as this can be counterproductive. What you should note, however, is that each influencer is different. While they're those who prefer more room for artistic freedom, some may need to work closely with you. So, it would help if you inquired from them on how they would prefer working with you.

Check and optimize content before publishing: While you give your influencers the freedom to work, it's crucial to audit their content before posting it. You should ensure that you modify and optimize the content before its publication.

Monitor the outcomes: After publishing the content, you should keep an eye to gauge its performance. It’s critical to ensure your influencer marketing is on the right track to help your business achieve its goals. Before putting together the campaign, you created Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You need to find out whether your crypto influencer campaign is meeting them.

Final Words

Influencer marketing is a complex crypto campaign strategy that can yield excellent results if you launch it well. The technique can be arduous even to experienced marketers.