How does Hacken's penetration test work?

You've probably only heard about hackers in the movie. But they are real, and every day there are 100 hacker attacks on the servers of large companies. Why do they do that? The answer is simple, they are looking for profit because by hacking the site or application of a large company, the hacker gets other people's data (passport information, card numbers, etc.), which they can use to enrich themselves. Is there any way to protect your application/website from them? Yes, the android app pentesting, which we will talk about next, is just the way out.  

Briefly about pentest 

A penetration test is a simulation of a real hacker attack (with some limitations and differences, which we will discuss below). And since it is a simulation of a real attack, the goal is to find an opportunity to gain access to valuable company and/or human assets (finances, valuable information, etc.). Hacken ( ) is a great company that you can trust with this important process. 

How does Hacken pentest differ from the usual hacker attack?

Both pentest and hack attacks are the same process, but the goals and methods are different. 

  • First, pentest is legal, because it is performed only by agreement of the parties and with permission from the customer. Hackers do not ask for permission.

  • Second, the time spent on pentest is limited. Hackers have entire years to commit a crime, while pentesters have a couple of weeks to find application vulnerabilities and to point them out. 

  • Another important point is the cost. Typically, hackers spend more money on hacking because their goal is to get the money back. Hacken will do all the manipulation and checks for a specific cost, which is times less. 

  • And the last point is the depth of penetration. Hackers are free to decide where and how they get in. Ethical hackers have restrictions - the list of systems that can be accessed is limited to the customer.