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Massachusetts: Bitcoin fails the smell test

The regulators from the US state of Massachusetts think the nature of bitcoin is completely speculative, according to a statement published by CNBC. The Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, William Galvin, says bitcoin does not pass the smell test. Galvin warned: “Bitcoin is subject to manipulation, because no one can explain it, no one can […]

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Bitcoin Breaking All Records

Bitcoin keeps surprising us every almost every day. The most popular cryptocurrency in the world reached the value of 6000 dollars on some exchanges for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitfinex. Yesterday, the highest price was 6054 dollars, but that number has already been surpassed today. At the same time, the market capitalization reached 100 million dollars. […]

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Is bitcoin a commodity with added value or a security?

The Commission for financial derivatives has just published a guide to virtual currencies. This guide explains the basics about virtual currencies, risk connected with these type of currencies and the role of the Commission in the regulation of virtual currencies. Daniel Gorfine, the director of the Innovation center of the Commission for financial derivatives said: […]

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Bloomberg: Wall Street Is Pushing Bitcoin Above 6000 Dollars

According to Bloomberg, the main reason for the current rise of the price of bitcoin is Wall Street. Edward Robinson, the analyst from Bloomberg television, said that more and more banking clients are interesting in digital cryptocurrencies after they saw the bitcoin growth graph for this year. Robinsons said: “I think Wall Street is responsible […]

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Fidelity Investments Started Mining Cryptocurrencies

Fidelity Investments, one of the global behemoths when it comes to banking and financial sector, currently manages asset worth $2.3 trillion and to top it all, it is considering cryptocurrencies in a long-term view. The company has been trying out internally with bitcoin, but is in the process of now offering some of those features […]

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The First Transaction Of Real Estate Into Bitcoin Was Executed In Texas

Bitcoin is gaining popularity and more and more businesses are accepting this cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Recently, a real estate was bought with bitcoin. The transaction took place in the US state of Texas, where the buyer paid for his new home by bitcoin, which the seller converted to dollar afterwards. The real […]

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USA: Legislation proposes a law on capital gains tax for the purchase of bitcoin

The new draft law, with the support of Republicans and Democrats, aims to create a fairer tax structure for crypto users. Under the title “The CryptoCurrency Tax Fairness Act,” the law requires the creation of a new minimum point of purchase at which the bitcoin can be used as a currency without paying a capital […]