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What most bankers and CEOs think about cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are a hot topic among experts for months. It looks like every day some Wall Street star or a financial expert expresses his or her opinion regarding digital cryptocurrencies. Is bitcoin a scam or the future of money? Is ICO (Initial Coin Offering) just a trick? It depends on whom you ask. One thing […]

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The U.S. Considers Regulating Cryptocurrency Market Like Japan

There are speculations that the US government is all set to follow Japan’s path and establish regulatory norms for cryptocurrency (virtual coins like bitcoin and Ethereum) trading. Last week, the Japanese government and its financial watchdog the Financial Services Agency (FSA) officially permitted and licensed 11 cryptocurrency exchanges including BitFlyer, the country’s biggest trading platform […]

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The First Transaction Of Real Estate Into Bitcoin Was Executed In Texas

Bitcoin is gaining popularity and more and more businesses are accepting this cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Recently, a real estate was bought with bitcoin. The transaction took place in the US state of Texas, where the buyer paid for his new home by bitcoin, which the seller converted to dollar afterwards. The real […]

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Cryptocurrency Trading Volume Projected To Exceed Apple’s

Cryptocurrency trading is growing by leaps and bounds and the daily volume is poised to possibly exceed that of Apple’s, as per analysts closely associated with hedge funds. “Cryptocurrency trading volume is now more than of $3bn/day on average, and will likely soon surpass that of the world’s most liquid stock: Apple ($4bn/day)”, said Jens […]