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A Multinational Company Launches a Programme for Food Traceability Based on the Blockchain Technology

Bureau Veritas is a French international company operating in more than 140 countries around the world. The company is specialized in the certification, testing and inspection of food products. Bureau Veritas will present its new project related to the tracing of ingredients of food based on the blockchain technology during the Global Food Safety Conference in Tokyo. The conference will take place from March 5th until March 8th, 2018.

According to a recent press release, this project will be revealed on March 5th this year and consists of following the food supply chain from the farm to the fork. The goal of the project is to print a QR code on the packages. By scanning the code, the users can obtain detailed information about every process during the elaboration of the involved products.

The project is called Origin and it will offer a practical way for the users to obtain information about the products they consume, helping them to decide what to buy and eat and make sure they are getting quality products. Moreover, the participants in the supply chain of these products will also benefit from the project, because it will reduce documentation costs and errors, allowing them to control every step in the production process and offer better transparency and safety.

Vincent Bourdil, the President of Bureau Veritas gave some details about the project: “The launch of Origin follows two years of work by Bureau Veritas to develop blockchain applications that increase confidence in transactions. Origin is a win-win solution not just for consumers, but also for retailers, suppliers, processors and manufacturers, as it adds value to the final product. With Origin, product recalls can be managed in real time, enabling the brand to preserve its reputation.”

This project was developed in cooperation with Worldline, a company specialized in digital transactions. Olivier Stuckens, the Managing Director for Mobility & e-Transactional Services at Worldline said: “Blockchain offers unique advantages for a product such as Origin: it is secure, open, transparent, and does not require a controlling entity. Using blockchain technology revolutionizes how transactions are verified, thereby increasing reliability of information. This feature means that while Origin has been developed with the food industry in mind, it can be used for any sector.”

On the other hand, this is not the first time the blockchain technology shows its usefulness for the food industry. In April last year, Ernst & Young, a famous international consulting company, announce the creation of a similar programme called Blockchain Food Quality Protection. This project is focused on tracing the steps in the supply chain of wine.

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