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A Short Review of ICOs

Around six billion dollars were raised by the initial coin offerings (ICOs) last year. Almost 37% of that amount was raised by twenty ICOs, such as Tezos, Filecoin, Bancor and others. These ICOs attracted a lot of attention from the media and the public and now we are presenting a short review of them after several months.

The five largest ICOs provided high returns on investment to their investors, going up to 870% in only three to four months. The data was collected and processed during a research performed by ICORating.

Tezos raised 232 million US dollars and its tokens are on the market for three months. The minimum price of the token was 1.76 dollars and the maximum price was 11.21 dollars. During the ICO, the price of the XTZ token was 0.47 dollars and these days it is around six dollar per token.

Tezos was one of the most promising ICOs last year, because its technology had the objective to simplify the launch of new project and compete with Ethereum. Despite some charges filed against the company recently for violation of the American state and federal laws, Tezos provided a return on investment of 1,138% to its investors after the ICO.

Status is a combination of a mobile messenger and search engine that connects the smartphone users with the Ethereum ecosystem. The company released a token called SNT, with the initial price of 0.037 dollars. In the past six months, the minimum price was 0.002 dollars, with the maximum price of 0.65 dollars. Currently, the price is around 0.6 dollars. During the ICO, 100 million dollars were raised and the return on investment was 1.521% for the investors.

The beta version was planned for the second and third quarter of last year, but the release seems to be delayed for some time.

Bancor raised 153 million dollars during its initial coin offering. Their token is called BNT and it is being traded for six months now. The ICO price of the token was 3.92 dollars, the minimum price was 1.52 dollars and the maximum price was 8.17 dollars. The current price is around 8 dollars. The return on investment of the Bancor’s ICO is 108%.

The goal of the project is to simplify the way smart tokens are issued and to enable their conversion without contractors. The project showed certain advances since the beginning and it can now convert 14 different cryptocurrencies, including the Ethereum and BTN coins. Unfortunately, the option to issue tokens is not yet available.

TenX claimed it would simplify the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. They have launched an app and its Android version was downloaded more than 50,000 times since August last year. The app is still in the beta phase and its expansion is expected to happen at the beginning of this year.

TenX raised 80 million dollars during the ICO. Its token is called PAY and it was worth 0.64 dollars during the ICO. It is being traded for six months, with the minimum price of 0.56 dollars and the maximum price of 5.33 dollars. The current price is around four dollars. The return on investment is 550%.

The most successful ICO projects in 2017 were the ones that promised to simplify the use of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technologies in everyday life. It is important for an ICO to have a good and sustainable project, to follow its business and development plan and update the investors about the project’s status on a regular basis.

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