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AllMine is a New Video Games That Allows You to Mine Cryptocurrencies in the Background While Playing the Game

The video game industry is becoming increasingly involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. New video game projects include a system for the mining of cryptocurrencies in the background while the players are enjoying the game. My Dream, a company lead by Allison Huynh and Andrew Leker, launched a video game based on puzzles and riddles that allow the players to earn money by mining the game’s native cryptocurrency.

The video games is called AllMine and according to some reviews, its platform allows the players to mine a cryptocurrency called Jewelz in the background. This cryptocurrency is based on the blockchain technology and it provides rewards for the players both in the games and in real life without doing any damage to the computer.

Huynh and Leker, the CEO and COO of My Dream, point out that the video game functions as a drag-to-match puzzle, where the users combine the tiles with mythical creatures while, at the same time, they are mining a block in the blockchain network. This way the clients can find rainbow pancakes, dragon gold, avatars and other mythical creatures while they are earning money.

More than just a video game, AllMine is a cryptocurrency mining application with a nice face, according to its developers. The platform makes the cryptocurrency world accessible to anyone and not only to big mining farms or experts from the blockchain ecosystem.

Allison Huynh, the CEO of My Dream said: “We decided to create Jewelz to enable anyone, regardless of their access to computation power, to participate in cryptocurrency mining. With the goal of democratizing cryptocurrency mining, we are building a stable foundation for the Jewelz cryptocurrency through gamification. Today we are introducing AllMine, a blockchain-based puzzle game, which will be the first stepping stone of the Jewelz mining application ecosystem. As the Jewelz platform grows, we will continue to release more games as well as educational applications to teach children basic economics, mathematics, and cryptography principles.”

The mining functions by executing the video games in the foreground. This way the players perform tasks, give gems to the avatars and find solutions to puzzles, while at the same time a part of the application called JewelzMiner is running in the background and performs cryptocurrency mining activities.

This system is different than the usual system for Bitcoin mining that consumes a lot of electricity and produces high amounts of carbon dioxide. JewelzMiner uses very little resources. The video game can be run by a quad core processor and only one half of the available cores will be completely used by the cryptocurrency mining processes, while the rest of the cores are free to be used by the video game.

Besides using little resources, JewelzMiner uses only a small portion of your computer’s RAM memory. The video game can even be run on mobile devices, especially on smartphones running on Google’s Android mobile operating system. In total, AllMine uses between 1/300 and 1/10,000 th of power. Because of the aforementioned characteristics, the developers of AllMine would like to convert JewelzMiner into the most secure and ethical cryptocurrency mining software on the market.

The JewelzMiner system allows the miners to share their earning with the developers and these resources can also be used to motivate the miners to keep playing the game. This mining method could be used by other video games in small companies to make extra earnings for the companies and the clients.

AllMine is scheduled to be released during the first trimester of this year when the desktop version should be available for download. This is a project that could revolutionize the video game industry, which is by now significantly involved in the blockchain ecosystem.

Another example of the bond between the video game industry and the blockchain technology is a universal cryptocurrency for the video game industry developed by an 11-year-old. Moreover, a company called BlockParty incorporated the blockchain technology into its interactive game tablets and we are seeing numerous games based on the Ethereum blockchain network appearing on the market, among which we can mention CryptoKitties, Robots and Ethermons.

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