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Bitcoin is Among the Most Searched Terms on Wikipedia During 2017

Wikipedia is one of the best examples of collective effort on the Internet. It became one of the first sites that people visit when they need information regarding just about any subject. Last year, Bitcoin was one of the most searched terms on Wikipedia, following the growth of the cryptocurrency and their enormous popularity during 2017.

Among the top fifty terms searched on Wikipedia during last year, the term Bitcoin occupies the position number nine, according to the annual report published by Wikipedia this week. The report is based on the data provided by a website called West.andrew.g and the list includes terms mostly related to the entertainment and politics.

According to JFG, one of the users of Wikipedia, Bitcoin has driven many “adventurers” mad, which is why is became the most speculative good of all times: “Strangely, although you can still buy gold and forget about it until your great grandchildren retire, the widely publicized future of money became the most speculative intangible asset of all times, while at the same time it seems totally inadequate as a method of payment. Even so, in 2017 at least, Bitcoin was better investment that the Tesla’s stocks.”

Bitcoin shared its popularity with the deaths occurred last year, articles about the president of the United States of America, Queen Elizabeth II, the list of Bollywood films, the movie “13 reasons why” and two articles about one of the most popular TV shows, “Game of Thrones”.

Likewise, this report shows the users that Bitcoin is more bubbly than tulips by making reference to the constant accusations that the cryptocurrency and its high volatility seem like a financial bubble scheme, especially similar to the one in the Netherlands in the 17th century, when the tulip bulbs reached exorbitant prices, a phenomenon known as Tulip Mania.

Wikipedia was created in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Wales gave an interview in October last year saying the majority of the initial coin offerings (ICOs) were scams, thanks to the lack of regulations for these investment schemes and the large amount of money managed through these campaigns.

Currently, Wikipedia is available in 288 languages, thanks to the people from around the world that participated in the creation of more than 46 million articles. Wikipedia is financed exclusively through donations of its users.

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