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Charlie Shrem joins the team of advisers of Particl

Particl announced a new member of its advisory team, Charlie Shem. Shrem is one of the pioneers in the Bitcoin world, known for creating companies inside and outside of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

He was one of the founding members of the Bitcoin Foundation and the co-founder of one of the first and biggest Bitcoin company called BitInstant, in 2011. BitInstant allowed its users to move their money in and out of the Bitcoin ecosystem quickly and easily. In cooperation with MoneyGram, Charlie Shrem brought the cryptocurrency world to many people, with the possibility to deposit cash for bitcoin at more than 700,000 locations throughout the United States of America.

“I am very excited to be working with Particl.” – said Charlie Shrem.

Shrem is also working as advisor for commercial development of Changelly, a service for instant exchange of cryptocurrencies, which allows users to exchange one cryptocurrency for another within seconds and also accepts payment in fiat money for any listed cryptocurrency. Changelly is an exchange without accounts, which makes the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another faster and easier, while the clients maintain privacy and control of their funds.

Charlie Shrem supports projects whose objective is to bring back the freedom to the users by solving existing problems in everyday services. This aligns very well with the mission of Particl: create a decentralized and independent economy and provide a sustainable environment for cooperation and innovation, which will strengthen the equality through blockchain projects that respect the rights to freedom and privacy.

Particl is based on the Bitcoin network and not on Ethereum. Particl added a new protocol, which improved the privacy in the network considerably. They created their own blockchain and it’s currently completing the development of a decentralized market called Particl Marketplace, where users will be spending and earning tokens called PART. This market will not be limited to Particl users.

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