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Discover the Most Influential Brands and Personalities in the Blockchain Ecosystem With

An anonymous team launched a website called The website contains a list of the most influential personalities in the blockchain ecosystem. The website uses an algorithm to automatically create the list, without human intervention.

The project aims to be a guide for the users and participants in the cryptocommunity when it comes to the influencers in the ecosystem. The algorithm not only specifies who the influencers are, it also focuses on who are the people that pay attention to these influencers.

According to the website of the project, the influence is defined as the ability to relocate financial, human, social, political and other values. Moreover, the site says that even though Justin Bieber has 105 million followers on Twitter and Vitalik Buterin has 600,000 followers, both are influencers, but the ones that follow Buterin are more willing to pay attention to what he says and that is why, according to the aforementioned definition, Buterin is more influential than Justin Bieber. contains a scoring board where the first ten positions are occupied by the following people from the blockchain ecosystem: Nick Szabo (Developer), Andreas M. Antonopoulos (Speaker), Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum), Adam Back (Developer), Peter Todd (Developer), Erik Voorhees (CEO of, Gavin Andresen (Developer), Zooko Wilcox (Founder of Zcash), Balaji S. Srinivasan (CEO of y Barry Silbert (Founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group).

The team behind published a tweet saying: “The list was produced by multiplying the number of followers by the average follower influence score. This methodology can be improved and it’s the first version of the list. So take these results with the grain of salt. However, it already gives some interesting insights!”

Even though the list has already been published, the team assures it would be updated and the algorithm would be improved in the near future.

Moreover, the website provides a list of the most influential brands in the blockchain ecosystem as well. The first ten brands on the list are: Coindesk, Ethereum, Blockstream, Coinbase,, Bitcoin Core Project, Bitcoin Magazine, BitPay, Bitcoin Foundation and cnLedger.

One of the most used terms in the blockchain ecosystem at the moment is DYOR or Do Your Own Research. This term points out the necessity for each user to perform an extensive research to resolve his or her doubts, since the blockchain is a relatively new technological phenomenon and still pretty unknown. This is why the users should pay special attention to the people who call themselves experts without any endorsement from the cryptocommunity.


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