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Global Head of Chief Investment Office of Deutsche Bank Says the Regulations for the Cryptocurrencies Might Appear in the Next 5 to 10 Years

Marcus Mueller, Global Head of Chief Investment Office of German Deutsche Bank, thinks the regulations that would make the crypto investments legitimate might appear in the next five to ten years. In an interview for Bloomberg a few days ago, Mueller warned all the potential investors in cryptocurrencies, except the ones involved in speculative investing: “When there is certain security and trust, the cryptocurrencies might be characterized and valued as assets. It is possible the necessary regulations would exist in five to ten years.”

Deutsche Bank normally has a pessimistic stance when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With the rise of the prices on the cryptocurrency market at the end of last year, the bank warned that the big fall of bitcoin in December was considered as a slight problem by the financial market.

Masao Muraki, a financial strategist from Deutsche Bank, said last month the lack of volatility of the traditional stocks aroused interest of the investors for the risky assets, such as bitcoin: “Now, an increasing number of institutional investors are looking at the cryptocurrencies as a risky investment whose price sustainability is hard to predict.”

Germany continues to fall behind when it comes to the treatment of the cryptocurrencies on the consumer level, unlike some other countries like Switzerland, where we are seeing a lot of new initiatives in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In January, the Director of Bundesbank, the German central bank, Joachim Wuermeling, disagreed with the United Kingdom and the United States when it comes to making a joint effort to regulate the cryptocurrencies. The representatives of the two aforementioned countries suggested this at the World Economic Forum this year in Davos.

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