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Mark Cuban Says the Dallas Mavericks Will Start Accepting Bitcoin as a Method of Payment For the Tickets

Mark Cuban is an American billionaire and the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks. A few days ago, Cuban announced on his Twitter account the Dallas Mavericks would start accepting bitcoin payments for the match tickets next season.

The Dallas Mavericks is not the first basketball team that is adopting bitcoin as a method of payment. Back in 2014, the Sacramento Kings started accepting bitcoin as a method of payment for the merchandise, as well as the tickets.

Mark Cuban is a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency sector. He is famous for investing in a hedge fund for digital currencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Moreover, Cuban launched the digital currency Mercury protocol based on Ethereum in August last year.

The famous businessman changed his opinion regarding the cryptocurrencies several times during last year. In June, 2017, he was one of the people who considered bitcoin to be a bubble, while in October he claimed the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology were the future.

Moreover, Cuban created a “how to get rich” video in which he advised to invest 10% of the savings in bitcoin.

Cuban said: “If you are a true adventurer, transfer 10% of your savings in bitcoin or Ethereum.”

The cryptocurrency market is going through a hard phase right now, but many billionaire investors, such as Mark Cuban and others, are acknowledging the perspective of the cryptocurrencies, which could be a sign of a potential growth of the market.

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