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Meeting to Discuss Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Regulations Will Take Place in Madrid

Europe is one of the most committed continents to the development of the blockchain technology. On March 6th, 2018, a meetup will be organized in Madrid where a regulatory frame for the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology will be discussed and where the blockchain enthusiasts can find out what the possible consequences of the regulation of the cryptocurrencies in the European Union would be.

The event will be held in the auditorium of the Flagship Store of Telefónica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. One of the speakers at the conference will be Fernando María Ramos, an attorney specialized in digital laws, who is a member of the group of experts for digital currencies created by Europol, member of the blockchain and cryptocurrency committee of the Payment Systems Market Expert Group and an active member of the blockchain research laboratory of a company called NWC10.

The conference will be focused on the detailed analysis of the possible regulatory frames that would be established in the European Union for performing monetary transfers using decentralized networks. Moreover, it should be clear how the regulations would influence the initial coin offerings (ICOs) and platforms for the trading of cryptocurrencies, such as the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Likewise, Fernando María Ramos will be giving advices to all the blockchain and cryptocurrency users who would like to secure their investments and mitigate possible financial losses in the blockchain ecosystem. Similarly, the lawyer will analyze the role of the Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) when it comes to creating a solid and widely adopted regulatory frame for the continent.

The conference is organized by NWC10Lab, a research laboratory specialized in the blockchain technology, whose goal is to share knowledge about the blockchain technology through conferences and inspire entrepreneurs, investments and developers to create new blockchain projects in Spain.

The company had success with creating initiatives on the Spanish market, such as and Bit2Me, a famous platform for the trading of bitcoin.

People interested in attending the conference should contact the organized Emma Albaladejo directly by email. It will also be possible to follow the live stream of the conference on Facebook.

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