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More Than 70% of the Decentralized Apps Based on Ethereum are Games

According to a study about the decentralized apps (Dapps), the games based on the Ethereum blockchain network continue setting the tone in the blockchain ecosystem, becoming the prevailing blockchain applications on the Ethereum platform.

Skirmantas Januškas, the founder of, a website that follows the development of the decentralized applications, recently published an analysis about the current situation on the Dapps market of the Ethereum blockchain platform. In the last two months, a total of 250 Dapps, out of which more than 70% are video games, were created.

The CryptoKitties, Ethermons, Etherbots are some of the well-known and very popular video games in the Ethereum blockchain network. These games are based on collectible tokens and a total of 184 new video games based on Ethereum are now available on the platform. Likewise, some ponzi schemes disguised as video games also appeared on the network and they present a threat, which means the users should be cautious.

The top five video games in the Ethereum blockchain network are: CryptoKitties with a transaction volume of 64.30 ethers in the last 24 hours and a balance of 612.95 ethers in the application’s smart contract; Ethercraft with 175 ethers in its smart contract; Ethermons with a balance of 140.72 ethers; FishBank has 0.09 ethers in its smart contract; Etherbots with a balance of 1.122 ethers.

This important growth of the collectible video games can also be noted in the increased processing space that these Dapps have occupied in the Ethereum blockchain network. For example, CryptoKitties reached 30% of all the transactions in the Ethereum network and surpassed all expectations.

Ethermons and Etherbots boosted the diversification of the ERC20 and ERC721 tokens and inspired new virtual reality projects, while attracting a lot of attention of the collectors by offering a new way of investment and entertainment.

However, despite the fact that the video games sector is the most present category, it does not attract the most users nor generates the largest transaction volumes in the Ethereum network. The entertainment Dapps have a total of 2,472 users on a daily basis, which presents almost 27% of all the Dapps users. The daily volume of the entertainment Dapps is 2,277 transaction or something under 3% of the total movements of the Dapps in the Ethereum blockchain network.

The highest number of users belongs to the “Others” category, in which DappsRadar put all the other decentralized applications based on the Ethereum network, among which we can point out the decentralized exchange platforms such as ForkDelta and decentralized social networks such as Leeroy.

The aforementioned category has 6,556 users per day, which presents around 70% of all the Dapps users. Likewise, the daily volume of transactions of these Dapps is 69 ethers, which presents almost 89% of all the movements of the Dapps in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Decentralized casinos present another important sector that is in constant growth. These platforms are based on smart contracts and are not administered by a third party. There are 24 new applications of this type in the Ethereum network, which presents almost 10% of all the Dapps. The decentralized casinos attract 121 users on a daily basis (1.31% of all the Dapps users) and an important transaction volume of 6.641 daily movements, which presents 8.52% od all the transactions executed by the Dapps.

Another important category is formed by decentralized markets. Decentralized markets are platforms for the sale of tokens. These tools based on Ethereum attract 114 users per day and generate 9.89 movements per day or around 0.01% of the total transaction volume of the Dapps.

DappsRadar predicts the entertainment Dapps sector will continue to grow in the future by creating new applications and attracting more users.

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