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New Robot Game Based on Ethereum Surpasses CryptoKitties in Transaction Volume

It is certain that the entertainment and video games industry is getting richer with decentralized applications based on the blockchain technology. A new video game came to the spotlight after it became the third most popular decentralized application based on the Ethereum blockchain network. The games is called Etherbots and it even managed to surpass the popular video game CryptoKitties, also based on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to DappRadar, a website dedicated to the decentralized apps based on Ethereum, Etherbots is currently occupying the third place with a total daily transaction volume of 156 ethers and a balance of around 940 ethers. This puts it in front of CryptoKitties, which occupies the fourth place. Last Wednesday, Etherbots was on the first place for a shortwhile.

Currently, DappRadar shows that Etheroll and CryptoCelebrities are on the first and second place respectively. According to one source, Etherbots has already sold more than 1100 robot boxes and the users have already started creating guides and infographics to improve the gaming experience and have more fun.

Etherbots is based on the Ethereum platform and the objective of the video game is to build and collect robots. In order to get new parts, you sign up your robots for robot duels, where they fight with robots belonging to other players of the game. Both the robots and parts can be sold on the market inside the game. Rare parts make robots more powerful, but they are also more expensive. Every part presents one token called ERC721 and it cannot be divided. For example, the ERC20 token used in other Ethereum games can be divided.

The parts and abilities of the robots are classified by type, elements (fire, water, steel, electricity, etc.) and level. There are more than 2 million robot combinations, with special attention paid to different characteristics, such as a combat arm, defense arm and body of the robot. Just like the parts, the victories and duels are registered in the blockchain network and cannot be altered.

Despite sharing many similarities with the famous CryptoKitties video game, Etherbots allows the players to do something with their property: play and not only collect rare parts, create strategies for the duels. Unlike CryptoKitties, where the playing part is missing because the players can only pair the cats to obtain new races and then collect them or sell them, Etherbots allows the players to make decisions that influence the outcome of the duels in which their robots participate.

CryptoKitties made decentralized video games popular and now we are seeing more and more video games based on Ethereum appearing and becoming popular, attracting numerous players around the world. At one point, the popularity of CryptoKitties managed to collapse the blockchain network of Ethereum, due to the large volume of transactions related to the purchase of the kitties. Some cats are worth thousands of dollars, which made this type of video games even more popular and we have seen a number of similar games appearing on the market shortly afterwards. One of them is CryptoCelebrities, where the players acquire avatars from Hollywood celebrities and other celebrities from around the world.

Leci Gou is a video games launched by the Chinese search engine Baidu. This game is not based on the Ethereum blockchain and the objective of the games is to collect dogs. It is clear that the proliferation of the decentralized video games based on the blockchain technology means the tokenization of many products and sectors is very near.


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