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Price Fluctuations of the Main Cryptocurrencies Mark the Start of the Week on the Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market started this week with a growth of the main cryptocurrencies, with the prices of six out of the top ten cryptocurrencies going up yesterday morning. However, the prices went down later during the day.

The most notable example is Ripple, the third cryptocurrency in terms of the market capitalization. According to CoinMarketCap, the price of Ripple went up 0.27% to 0.96 dollars and then fell down to 0.94 dollars per coin. The total market capitalization of Ripple is around 37.5 billion dollars.

After the appearance of false rumors that Ripple would be added to cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, the price of this cryptocurrency went up. At one point, the price of Ripple reached 1.08 dollars, going up by more than 14%.

On the same day, Coinbase officially confirmed it was not planning on adding any additional cryptocurrency to its platform at the moment, which stopped the rise of the price of Ripple. Coinbase published a statement on its official Twitter account: “Our January 4th, 2018 statement continues to stand: we have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or Coinbase. Any statement to the contrary is untrue and not authorized by the company.”

On the other hand, bitcoin went up by 1.33% and reached the price of 11.598 dollars for one coin, with the market capitalization of around 196 billion dollars. This keeps bitcoin on the dominating place on the market.

Ether, the second cryptocurrency on the market in terms of market capitalization just after bitcoin, dropped by 1.17% to 854.50 dollars, while its market capitalization descended to around 83.7 billion dollars.

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin has a positive day, but their prices later dropped by 0.65% and 0.16% respectively. They are followed by Cardano, whose price went up 2.74% in the morning and then dropped slightly during yesterday afternoon. NEO saw a drop of almost 5%, the biggest of all the top ten cryptocurrencies.

The rest of the cryptocurrencies on the top 10 list such as Stellar, EOS and Monero also had positive movements in the morning, with their prices going up by 2.40%, 1.77% and 0.28% respectively. However, just as we have seen with other aforementioned cryptocurrencies, their prices went down with the rest of the market in the afternoon, with Monero still maintaining an increment of 2.20% in the last 24 hours.

The rest of the main altcoins are showing mixed results, without a tendency to drop or rise.

There are other cryptocurrencies on the CoinMarketCap ranking whose prices went up. One of them is Status, occupying the position number 34 with the price of 0.18 dollars per coin, which presents a rise of almost 18%. Byton is on the position number 45 and its price went up by 10% to 0.46 dollars. The last one is Zilliwa on the position number 55, with the growth of 18% and the price of 0.05 dollars per coin.


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