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Shiny Leaf announced will support Bitcoin Cash

Shiny Leaf is a popular company which produces natural cosmetics begins accepting Bitcoin Cash. The company says its clients can now use this Bitcoin bifurcation to pay for the company’s products in their online shop. Additionally, all the customers that use Bitcoin Cash to pay for their order will receive a free product of their choice. This holiday offer is valid until the end of this month. The payment process has been made easy for the clients.

Alisha Murray, the director of marketing of Shiny Leaf, said that Bitcoin Cash is the future when it comes to payments. She considers this cryptocurrency an easy and quick way for making online payments. Furthermore, the commission is almost non-existent and offers hassle-free buying experience to customers. Murray also added this new innovation in the company known for high-quality premium products will improve the customers’ experience and provide greater satisfaction to them.

To explain little more, we will provide some information about Bitcoin Cash. It is a bifurcation of Bitcoin and it came to light in August this year. Currently, it’s one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest growth rate when it comes to both value and acceptance. Bitcoin Cash was created to solve the scalability problems of Bitcoin which were causing high commissions and slow execution of transactions. The transaction in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are executed more quickly, because the bigger block size enables processing of more transactions than Bitcoin in the same time frame.

The payments in BCH are quick, reliable and stable and they can be performed at low or no cost at all. Furthermore, BCH presents one of the safest ways to make online payments.

One of the most popular products from Shiny Leaf available for purchase in Bitcoin Cash is the package including a shampoo made from argan oil and conditioner made from castor oil.

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