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Six new cryptocurrencies you should pay attention to

New cryptocurrency are constantly appearing on the market and some of them offer great opportunities, although with great risks.

Besides the main and the most popular cryptocurrencies, there are numerous lesser-known cryptocurrencies which are present on the market for some time now, but their trading volume is low. Here is a list of six cryptocurrencies that might be interesting to you and could cause excitement on the cryptocurrency market this year.

Gladius has recently raised 12 million dollars during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This cryptocurrency offers a decentralized technology based on the blockchain technology whose goal is to protect from the DDoS attacks and increase the speed of content delivery. Gladius allows its users to temporarily rent their unused bandwidth to other users who need it and almost everyone has a substantial amount of unused bandwidth that can be rented to other.

Instead of paying high monthly subscriptions to the internet providers for the protection against the DDoS attacks and increased speed of content delivery, the blockchain network of Gladius is supposed to enable companies to buy just the bandwidth they really need and only when they need it.

Safein plans to launch its ICO during this quarter and its objective is to create a system of federal identity based on the blockchain technology. This system should eliminate the redundant process of creating separate accounts for every website, app and seller we are communicating with.

Safein promises to enable people to sign up for websites without registration. Moreover, it promises to give the users more control over their personal information. For example, personal data can be transferred only after the user approves the transfer or only to the specific party authorized by the user and in encrypted format from end-to-end.

The new cryptocurrency would also like to simplify the payments by automatically converting fiat money and cryptocurrencies owned by the users into a currency asked by the seller. This would make the payments more efficient and the fees would be lower – only one click would be enough to send the identity and the payment to the third party. is supposed to launch its ICO in February this year. The company offers a mechanism based on the blockchain technology whose goal is to provide storage and access to user data, which improves the way in which apps are accessing user data and communicate with each other.

The founder of claims there is already a big interest for their ICO.

Knowbella is a new platform whose aim is to help scientists cooperate on their research projects, get scholarships, share lab resources, get feedback and develop papers that will be published. The token is called Helix and it is used to reward the scientists for the improvement of their knowledge.

The prototype of the platform is already operational and you can find it at . The company is planning to sell its tokens in the near future, but there is no further information.

Eristica is currently selling its tokens through its initial coin offering. The platform allows the users to challenge each other to perform something, for example, acrobatics or a stunt and provide video

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