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Slovenia Erects the First Public Monument to Bitcoin and Decentralization in the World

A Slovenian town called Kranj today erects the first monument to the blockchain technology and bitcoin, becoming the first town in the country and in the world to erect a public sculpture dedicated to the world’s oldest and most popular cryptocurrency.

The monument is located in the middle of a roundabout connecting the two important traffic arteries of the town. The convergence of the two streets, according to the authors of the monument, symbolizes the decentralized connections, not only access to one point, but access to many additional routes.

The authorities of Kranj said the following about the monument: “The commemorative monument will not be in a central position. Instead, it will be positioned as a connecting point for the urban ecosystem of Kranj, that symbolizes the connectivity and creation of blockchain networks.”

The intention of this commemorative piece of art is to point out the opening of Slovenia and the town of Kranj to the digitalization, the use of new technologies and its hospitality towards the progressive thinking. The authors of this initiative managed to get economic support from cryptocurrency exchanges Bitstamp and 3fs, two important Slovenian companies operating in the blockchain ecosystem.

The metal monument was created by Aleksander Frančeškin and Selman Čorović and it presents the symbol of Bitcoin. The monument also represents the possibilities of decentralization and its usability and benefits. Decentralization not only optimizes the everyday life, it also fosters the confidence, transparency and cooperation between people.

This monument is another initiative on the Slovenia’s road to the adoption of the blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies in the country. The country has cryptocurrency ATMs, some banks offer bitcoin coupons and the goal of the country is to become the blockchain destination of Europe. Last month, the Slovenian government said the country intended to position itself as the leading destination for blockchain innovations in the European Union.

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