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Is bitcoin a commodity with added value or a security?

The Commission for financial derivatives has just published a guide to virtual currencies. This guide explains the basics about virtual currencies, risk connected with these type of currencies and the role of the Commission in the regulation of virtual currencies. Daniel Gorfine, the director of the Innovation center of the Commission for financial derivatives said: […]

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What most bankers and CEOs think about cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are a hot topic among experts for months. It looks like every day some Wall Street star or a financial expert expresses his or her opinion regarding digital cryptocurrencies. Is bitcoin a scam or the future of money? Is ICO (Initial Coin Offering) just a trick? It depends on whom you ask. One thing […]

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Ensuring Fare Representation Of Women In Cryptocurrency Domain

The whole financial industry is currently dabbling around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, etc. To put it simply, these virtual currencies operate without formal banking system; hence, they are decentralized. Other important factors are the security and transparency they offer via encryption techniques powered by blockchain technology. As blockchains keep a public digital record of every […]

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Understanding Silicon Valley’s Crypto Craze

The Silicon Valley is in full force when it comes to the crypto coins. A Valley-based start-up called Protocol Labs, IPFS has set a goal to allow everyone to buy and sell unused computer storage space. They have also come up with a unit to facilitate the exchange in this market – a digital currency […]