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Ubcoin Market Raises More Than one Million Dollars During the Presale of its Token

Ubcoin Market is a blockchain project whose goal is to create an investment ecosystem that would allow the users to access the cryptocurrency world by buying or selling physical goods and services.

The objective of Ubcoin Market is to enable the users to invest in cryptocurrencies in a simple way. The team behind this project is the same team leading Ubank, a leading mobile payment application in Eastern Europe, operating since 2009 with more than 2.5 active users and more than 16 million downloads on a global level.

The Ubcoin Market platform is designed for both the users with experience and the beginners in the cryptographic world. Both groups of users are able to use the platform in an easy and secure way, because the goal is to make simple the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat money and vice versa. According to its whitepaper, the simplest way to acquire cryptocurrencies is to sell good for crypto: “Ubcoin Marketplace is a global mobile marketplace for buying and selling real world goods for cryptocurrency. The number of cryptocurrency holders is projected to increase nearly 10-fold, from the current 22 million to 200 million worldwide by 2020. The simplest way to become an owner of cryptocurrency is by selling goods for crypto. This approach will drive mass adoption in the coming years.”

The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and the team is developing an artificial intelligence system to detect the best offers for the goods that the users would like to trade or the cryptocurrencies they would like to obtain. Ubcoin Market will be integrated with Ubank, an payment application that comes preinstalled on Samsung and Fly smartphones.

Felix Khachatryan, the CEO of the company said: “Our goal is to give consumers an easy way to become investors in crypto coins by using a peer-to-peer mechanism that is very familiar to them.”

Ubcoin Market recently concluded the presale of its initial coin offering (ICO) and raised more than one million US dollars. The ICO is scheduled to commence soon and the company plans to expand globally after the launch in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The first objective is to conquer the Middle East and South Korean markets, followed by South and Southeast Asia and Latin America. The expansion should be concluded during next year. In the first phase, Ubcoin Market will only work with natural persons. The company plans on offering its services to companies by the middle of next year.

The CEO of Ubcoin Market is Felix Khachatryan. The rest of the team is comprised of: Jan Mazhar, the founder and investor, Andre Lee, another founder and investor in the project, Stan Danysh, the COO, who is also a managing partner of Ubank and Alexandr Putilin, the CTO and Head of development.

After the presale, the team published the following statement: “A very big announcement for the audience today! We are happy to make public the fact that Ubcoin Market raised more than $1 million at Pre-Sale and is celebrating the 2nd day of the ICO Public Sale Stage 1 today. We feel enormously grateful to all our investors and continue to work hard to come up to your expectations.”

More information about this project can be found on its official website and its social media accounts:

Twitter: #/ubcoin

Facebook: #/Ubcoin-838741126308809/



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