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U.S. government plans on storing confidential information using the blockchain technology

Each day more governments from around the world are adopting the blockchain technology, thanks to its transparency, security and immediacy.

One of these governments is the United States government which plans on using the blockchain technology to store sensitive and confidential documents. The project will be executed in cooperation with the tech giant Microsoft and its cloud service for businesses called Microsoft Azure.

The official blog of the Azure cloud platform published a statement saying that the US government has already stored some level 5 classified information on the new platform called Azure Government secret.

At the same time, the platform announced soon to be released expansions of the Azure Government secret platform. These expansions would support different government agencies and the ones cooperating with the government when they need to store and protect classified files.

Microsoft is also working to use the potential of the new platform and offer it to various industries, such as the public sector. The blockchain technology has a lot of potential when it comes to cyber-security, a problem that affects numerous government institutions. This is why Microsoft is developing a platform called Azure Security Center which will offer advanced administration and protection from threats by storing sensitive data in hybrid cloud services.

The benefits of this technology will get it more and more supporters and users as time passes, not only governments, but also many more public institutions as well will use the potentials of blockchain.

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