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VISO is a New Payment System That Will Launch a Cryptocurrency Wallet, Payment Cards and a Network of Intelligent Terminals

VISO is a new system for complete payment circle based on the blockchain technology. The system aims to combine the standardized benefits of the traditional electronic payments and the cryptocurrencies. By using native VISO intelligent terminals, local retailers can receive payments from the clients in local currency, the buyers can use cryptocurrencies, banking cards or electronic wallets to pay for the goods or services.

The VISO system performs the conversion and other necessary processes for the execution of the payment. VISO allows the buyers to pay conveniently and quickly anywhere where the traditional payment cards are accepted. This alleviates the tension when it comes to using the cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. At the same time, the seller saves money when it comes to the equipment. The intelligent terminal provided by VISO also serves as a cash register, a payment terminal and a bank. VISO makes the payments with cryptocurrencies convenient and legitimate.

The company held a successful pre ICO in November last year during which it raised more than 200,000 dollars. In total, around one million US dollars have been raised until now. The open sale of the VITO tokens will last until March 15th, 2018 and the participants can get a bonus when they buy tokens worth 500 dollars or more. The VITO tokens are based on the WAVES platform and the price of one VITO token is 10 cents of a dollar. The native VITO token is an internal currency used for the VISO payment system to ensure its liquidity. The owners of the VITO tokens do not have the right to receive the profits of the company. The owners can count on the income of the next sale of tokens or they can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

The funds raised during the ICO will be used to buy intelligent terminals and to launch de processing center and its certification in the traditional international payments systems of Visa and Mastercard.

The plans for March this year include the launch of the distribution of intelligent terminals in Georgia and the launch of the VISO electronic wallet, as well as a prepaid payment card called VISOCardLite. The company will also launch a cryptocurrency exchange. The plastic VISO cards will use the technologies from Visa or Mastercard and will be launched in June this year, along with the SmartBalance technology. The SmartBalance technology allows the payment of goods with a cryptocurrency card linked to the VISO wallet. The VISO payment system will be launched on the international cryptocurrency market and the electronic payment market in November 2018.

The advising team of VISO is excellent and here are some of its members: Ivan Petukhovsky (EXMO), Sasha Ivanov (Waves platform), Alexander Bekishev (Ingenico Group), Giorgi Bichikashvili (CEO of Paybox), Igor Khmel (BankEx), Sandis Puzulis (Magicard), Alex Sudadze (Bitcoin embassy in Georgia).

VISO is the first company in Georgia to launch an initial coin offering. The headquarters of the company is in the country’s capital, Tbilisi. VISO has more than 20 employees and the founders are the well-known and successful entrepreneurs Vasil Khanishvili, Grigory Gurbanov, Egor Petukhovsky and Sergey Popov.

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