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50 Cent Made Millions by Selling His Album for Bitcoin

Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, a famous American rapper, made a lot of money by selling one of his albums for bitcoin. Four years ago, 50 Cent was selling his fifth album called “Animal Ambition” and you could buy it with bitcoin as well. The price of the album was 5.50 US dollars, which was equivalent to 0.0088 bitcoins back in 2014. After the sale of the album, 50 Cent earned 700 bitcoins valued at more than 400,000 dollars.

According to, the famous rapper kept those bitcoins over the years and the price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency was going up. In the last few days, with the price of one bitcoin at around 11,000 dollars, his bitcoins were worth more than seven million dollars.

50 Cent confirmed this news on his official Twitter account. He also published on his Instagram account the following: “Not bad for a kid from the South, I am very proud of myself.” He also added that he completely forgot about the coins in the meantime. is advising 50 Cent not to sell his bitcoins now, because of the recent corrections in the price of the cryptocurrency.

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