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Arsenal Football Club Signed a Contract With CashBet Coin

Arsenal Football Club is the first team from the Premier League that has a partner from the blockchain industry. The famous soccer club from London signed a contract with CashBet Coin, a cryptocurrency used for betting. This cryptocurrency is designed for the iGaming market, a bookmaker covering eSports, sports and casino games.

Mike Reaves, the Executive Director and the founder of CashBet Coin said: “With our initial coin offering for CashBet coin, we are active on the global, multimillion market of the iGaming content providers, operators and players. We are thrilled to be partners with one of the the most prominent soccer clubs in the world, Arsenal Football Club, which enables us to build our brand and include this brilliant audience.”

According to the company, CashBet Coin brings increased trust and transparency, faster payouts, reduced costs and decisive protection of the players.

The benefits of this partnership for Arsenal are yet to be seen. This partnership comes at the moment when CashBet Coin is trying to raise 40 million dollars for the financing of its business operations and only one day after the coin was announced.

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