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Aditus Enables People to buy Artworks With Cryptocurrencies

Aditus is the first blockchain platform for the world of luxury. In cooperation with Art Stage, the largest art fair in Southeast Asia, the Aditus platform was presented as a payment processor during the 8th Art Stage held in Singapore in Marina Bay Sand Expo & Convention Center.

The role of Aditus during the fair was create a natural progression towards the union of artwork providers in Southeast Asia with the cryptocurrency world. As part of the platform, Aditus Pay offered the visitors the opportunity to buy artworks during the exhibition with Aditus tokens (ADI) and other cryptocurrencies. The focus of this year’s Art Stage held in Singapore was on the artistic scene of Thailand. More than 1,200 art lovers visited the Aditus stand, where they were trained to use the interactive payment system offered by the company.

Four notable paintings were bought with cryptocurrencies. One of them was a painting by Naufal Abshar, an Indonesian painter. The painting is part of the Naufal’s series called HAHA, where the artist is visually pushing the limits of the humor with ironic social comments.

Guillaume Levy-Lambert, the co-founder of the Art Porters Gallery from Singapore said: “We are thrilled with the sale of an important early work of Naufal Abshar. The payment was made without problems thanks to the demonstrated capabilities of the Aditus Pay platform. I am totally impressed that this is a reality and a value-added amenity for Art Stage Singapore. Welcome to the new era!”

The cryptocurrencies are currently the type of assets with the fastest growth, which opens them to a new community of individuals with high purchasing power, interested in artworks by talented artists from the region.

The additional convenience of purchasing artworks with digital currencies woke up the interest of a new generation of non-traditional investors in art during Art Stage in Singapore, paving the way for a new market segment. Thanks to Aditus, this new market segment can discover the world of fine art.

The goal of Aditus is to expand the adoption of cryptocurrencies by solving many problems currently unsolved, that bother traders as well as the users of cryptocurrencies. Aditus Pay is a passage between the two parties and a central part of the system.

The founders of Aditus are veteran entrepreneurs in the world of luxury and technology and their objective is to use this advantage to work closely with their group of luxury traders to understand and solve the problems existing on the market. That way, the company could become the first one on the market to offer a complete solution for the users of cryptocurrencies.

Aditus is hoping its solutions for the adoption of cryptocurrencies will find applications in other sectors as well, beyond the world of luxury.

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