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ARK announces the launch of its mobile wallet

ARK, a company in the blockchain technology sector, announced the launch of its mobile wallet called ARK. The long-expected wallet brings exciting features and its is expected to be adopted quickly by the ARK ecosystem.

The users are now able to use their mobile devices to vote for delegates, send ARK or check their account balance. There is no need for synchronization, you only need to open the application and do what you need. The ARK mobile wallet is a hybrid application and it uses the same code base for both iOS and Android, which makes the development of the app easier.

The mobile wallet was created using the Ionic frame and the API from TypeScript to communicate with the ARK network. The new wallet app completely changes the way ARK is used. The app is currently in beta stage and it is possible that users will encounter bugs and errors while using it. The users can send their comments and impressions and improve the future versions of the app.

Some of the most notable features of the ARK mobile wallet app: connect to the main network and development network; add contacts and execute transactions; change PIN; delete data – delete all your data from your mobile device; network status; current value on the market, including weekly movement reports; perform the majority of transactions: send, receive, vote, do not vote, register delegate.

Android users can download the mobile wallet app on the Google Play Store. Apple still needs to approve the app on the App Store, but you can use an alternative way to install the app on your iOS device: install Ionic View, open it and add ID 0894ffa2.

The developers have also announced new features for the future versions of the app: support for Ledger Nano S by using a cable/adapter OTG (On-the-Go); dark color theme; notification about received transactions, etc.

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