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Bithumb now offers Zcash

Bithumb, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is now offering Zcash, one of the anonymous cryptocurrencies.

Bithumb is based in South Korea, a country that seriously deals with cryptocurrencies. Before Bithumb, English exchange called added Zcash.

Following the news, the value of Zcash rose significantly. Its market value had initially risen by more than 70% to almost 400 dollars per coin, but it fell later to around 240 dollars.

Many factors are taken into account by the exchanges when adding new cryptocurrencies. Many cryptocurrencies are unstable, but Zcash fulfilled all the criteria required by Bithumb, such as security, technology and investment capital of the cryptocurrency, the technology being the most important in the decision to add Zcash.

Many people like Zcash because it pays a lot of attention to anonymity. It uses zero knowledge proofs, a new concept that uses mathematical functions to hide certain information about transactions, such as the identity of the sender and receiver and the amount paid.


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