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Coincheck Faces a New Lawsuit Related to the Hacker Attack From January

Two days ago, the Tokyo District Court received a new lawsuit against Coincheck, a cryptocurrency exchange from Japan that suffered a hacker attack in January this year. The lawsuit was presented by a group of 132 investors affected by the hacker attack and whose funds were stolen.

According to a local news agency, the investors are requesting an amount in Japanese yens equal to more than two million US dollars as a compensation for the losses they suffered during the hacker attacks on Coincheck.

The cryptocurrency exchange had already announced it would reimburse the stolen funds to its users. The total amount that needs to be reimbursed to the victims of the attack surpasses 530 million dollars in NEM coins that were stolen. However, Coincheck has not yet provided any details about when and how the reimbursement would be made.

This is not the first lawsuit against Coincheck after the hacker attack. Shortly after the robbery, a Japanese citizen filed a lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchange, claiming that Coincheck should have kept the stolen funds offline.

On February 15th, a group of seven users of Coincheck filed a lawsuit in which they requested to be allowed to withdraw 183,000 dollars in cryptocurrencies which were frozen after the attack. Moreover, they also requested an annual interest rate of 5% to be paid on the requested funds for the period until the reimbursement.

The hacker attack on Coincheck took place at the end of January this year. During the attack, NEM coins worth around 530 million dollars were stolen and this makes it the largest robbery in the history of the cryptocurrencies. After the attack, the cryptocurrency exchange suspended all withdrawals in yens and cryptocurrencies.

To this day, the withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are still frozen and there is no information about when they would be available again to the clients. The withdrawals in yens are active and available. A few days after the robbery, the Japanese authorities raided the offices of Coincheck in order to conduct an investigation and protect the users by making sure the cryptocurrency exchange possessed the means to effectively reimburse its users affected by the hacker attack.

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