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George Weiksner is an 11-Year-Old Boy Who Designed a Universal Cryptocurrency For Video Games

Passion for a video game can last several weeks, months or even years. The gaming community invests time and money to buy and own objects in the digital universes. These objects are usually tradeable in the shops or platforms in the video games, but cannot be moved or exchanged between different video games.

The impossibility to move the objects or achievements between different video games was what motivated George Weiksner, an 11-year-old-boy, to design Quarters, a token based on the ERC-20 protocol of the Ethereum network, with the objective for it to become a universal cryptocurrency for video games. Weiksner said: “I hate when the currencies I bought and won are trapped in games that I no longer play. Why cannot I use them in another games?”

New and innovative ideas are not limited by age, but age does have influence on them. Weiksner is attending the sixth grade in the state of Connecticut in the United States of America and his idea was to create a currency that would serve as a utility currency between different market and game platforms. His main goal at the time was to be able to use the gems from Clash Royale in Candy Crush, according to the cryptocurrency’s whitepaper.

George is working together with his father, Michael Weiksner, who is an investor. Together, they launched a project called PocketfulofQuarters and Michael is the CEO.

The initiative was converted into a company in the meantime when George’s father, Michael Weiksner, came home one day in September and decided to explain the concept of the cryptocurrencies to his son. George immediately remembered his money trapped in video games he no longer played and asked himself: “Why cannot I use it in another game?”

After chatting about cryptocurrencies, George decided to buy bitcoins and, together with his father, started working on Quarters. The development of the token came after Michael realized his son’s idea was a good opportunity to learn a lot. This happened during a flight Michael took to South Africa.

It should be pointed out that PocketfulofQuarters was launched when the father and son decided to create an ecosystem that would facilitate the adoption by the developers of video games. Michael said: “The truth should be told, George kept asking: when are we going to have an ICO?”

Last January, the Weiksners decided to present their project to some cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Bagatelle, a place in New York that organized an event called Crypto Mondays. The event takes places every Monday and it gathers the investors and developers of the blockchain ecosystem. During the meeting, the participants share their ideas and this is where the Weiksners got the first positive opinions about their project from investors and people interested in the project.

According to official information, they dedicated their time to create two tokens based on the blockchain network of Ethereum. The first one is called Quarters and it is a utility token. The second is called Q2 and serves as an investment cryptocurrency for the PocketfulofQuarters initial coin offering (ICO).

Due to the nature of the utility token, the Quarters have a fixed value of 0.25 US dollars per token, which means the players can get four Quarters for one dollar. Moreover, if a user stops playing and using his Quarters, he would have the possibility to sell them for ethers in a cryptocurrency

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