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IBM Think Will Take Place in Las Vegas From March 19th to March 22nd and The Blockchain Technology Will be One of The Main Topics

Tech giant IBM is constantly demonstrating its intention to be at the forefront of the technical development on a global level. In the previous years, IBM has been dealing with emerging technologies such as the artificial intelligence, cloud services, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, security and blockchain. All this led to the organization of a global event where the company’s latest products and future plans were revealed and discussed. The event is called IBM Think 2018 and it will be held between March 19th and March 22nd in the Mandalay Bay complex in Las Vegas.

The goal of this event is to present all the innovations from different fields created by IBM and it will attract figures such as Ginni Rommety, the CEO of IBM, Maya Leibman, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of American Airlines, Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, as well as famous scientists Neil deGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku, who will be giving speeches about the future of the developing technologies. Some of the topics are: “Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence: This changes everything”, “Trading coffee with blockchain” and “From the science fiction to the reality: the quantum computing is here”.

One of the main focuses of the conference will be on the announcements of future plans of IBM related to applying the blockchain technology to various fields, with special emphasis on its utility for Latin America. It is expected that IBM demonstrates the use of blockchain in the coffee trading business and the use of this innovative technology in the IBM Food Trust project to guarantee the transparency of the origin of the food sold by Walmart.

Likewise, the advances related to secure supply chains and efficient financial services are also expected to be presented at IBM Think 2018. Moreover, the proceedings in the joint project with the logistics giant Maersk will also be presented. The goal of this project is to digitize supply chains.

IBM will also present to the public its advances in the field of artificial intelligence through its platform called Watson AI and its relation to the Internet of Things (IoT) by using the blockchain network of Hyperledger Fabric.

IBM Think 2018 will unite all the previous conferences held separately for different projects. For example, last year there were several events, such as IBM World of Watson, IBM Connect and IBM Continuous Engineering for the Internet of Things. This year, the company decided to combine all these events into a single event where it will present all the advances and recent developments to the public.

Besides the traditional talks and speeches, IBM will implement Keynote session during IBM Think 2018, panel discussions, laboratories and live demonstrations of the projects in development. A video game called Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be presented. This video game uses a virtual reality platform developed by IBM. Moreover, a Maseratti car controlled by voice using the Watson AI system as a personal assistant will also be presented during the conference.

IBM is working with the blockchain technology a lot and trying to find new applications for this emerging technology. A few days ago, the company announced its cooperation with, an organization whose goal is to use the blockchain technology to increase the trust and the citizen participation

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