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Creativechain, a Social Network for Creative Decentralized Communities, Announces the Launch of its Platform

After completing a beta phase in the test blockchain network, the development team of announced that the first version of their platform would be launched on March 20th, 2018.

Creativechain is a platform based on the blockchain technology whose goal is to register and distribute multimedia content by using undeletable certificates for intellectual property and licences for distribution of any type of digital art.

Creativechain is like a social network of portfolios, similar to Behance or Vimeo, but without intermediaries, where the users can connect directly with their followers by sharing contents using various copyright licences. To achieve this, the benefits provided by the blockchain technology are used to create a decentralized market without censorship and 100% peer-to-peer (P2P).

The platform is challenging the centralized power of the traditional systems lying in the hands of the companies in charge of managing copyrights by offering a public and transparent alternative for registering intellectual property using the revolutionary blockchain technology.

The platform applies the power of attorney of the blockchain technology through the Proof-of-Creation (PoC) protocol in the process of registering content in order to create incorruptible timestamps that certify the authorship of any digital content. The platform is created and open to all the graphic designers, musicians, professionals from the audiovisual sector that produce digital content and use internet to sell or distribute their creations among their fans and followers.

Thanks to the peer-to-peer ecosystem created by Creativechain, it will be possible to leave behind the opaque and centralized models for content distribution whose intermediaries impose high commissions that make the content created by the authors more expensive. Creativechain is offering a decentralized social network without censorship where the authors can freely share their creations in an economy managed by the community itself.

The platform will use several P2P methods for sale and distribution of content by using Creativecoin (CREA), the official cryptocurrency of the Creativechain platform. The artists can earn their first CREA coins in several different ways: by distributing quality content on the platform using diverse methods of distribution or receiving direct microdonations with every like given to their content. The classic like is on only a symbolic action for the fans to show they like the content. Instead, whenever a like is given, the author will receive a small reward in CREA coins.

Another way to earn Creativecoins on the platform is by reaching different experience ranks thanks to the activity and interaction (buzz) with other users. The buzz system shows presents the numerical repercussion that a content had in the community since it was published and it takes into account all the interactions received, whether it be the number of downloads, likes or any other intelligent action.

This number will present a recognition value in the community, since the more buzz you have, the higher is your experience level and your profile is of higher quality. The buzz levels are the following: Novice, Trainee, Advanced, Expert, Influencer, Master, Guru and Genius.

Another method of earning CREA coins is through the mining process by using a graphic card (GPU) or a computer processor (CPU). Creativechain uses a last generation algorithm known as Keccak-c for the mining of CREA coins.

At the moment, CREA is traded on different cryptocurrency exchanges such as Cryptopia, Cryptobridge or Coinexchange. You can also acquire CREA coins directly by paying in euros, US dollars or Mexican pesos through the platform.

To celebrate the launch of the platform, the company is offering a reward for the first 20 thousand users that join the community. The reward will be paid in CREA coins and its percentage will be decreasing as new users join the platform.

The recent eruption of the blockchain technology is opening a completely new universe of possibilities for the registration and distribution of the intellectual property without intermediaries. The power of attorney together with the decentralized distribution of P2P digital content will bring a new change to this industry and the digital culture.

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