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Lescovex Announces the Launch of its Platform for the Creation and Exchange of Tokens

Lescovex has announced the launch of its platform for the creation and exchange of tokens. The platform will offer an extensive system of services for promotion and diffusion, in order to introduce the new digital assets published on the platform to the crypto community.

By using the smart contract technology based on Ethereum, this new tool will simplify the process of tokenizing any asset or good. At the same time, the platform offers an online market where these crypto assets can be exchanged, whether they are cryptocurrencies, tokens or digital assets.

Thanks to its strategic alliance with Kantox, a company specialized in Forex, the users of the Lescovex platform will have the possibility to exchange all the digital goods for more than 10 fiat currencies, such as the euro or the American dollar.

The main advantage of this innovative model for the creation of tokens and their exchange is that the tokens automatically have access to a large exchange market, which would positively affect their value and liquidity of any token created on the Lescovex platform.

The main objective of the platform is to simplify the process of the creation of tokens and smart contracts, in order to facilitate the adoption of the blockchain technology in the fintech sector.

The company published the following statement: “Thanks to Lescovex, any type of company will be able to build its business by creating and distributing digital tokens among its clients or users by using a simple and intuitive interface. At the same time, the companies will be able to create smart contracts for the management of products and financial agreements, as well as for the transparent governance management of its digital goods.”

Lescovex can be used to create financial products capable of transforming any resource or raw material into a digital good backed up by a smart contract, whose value can be easily exchanged on the futures market based on the blockchain technology.

Moreover, by using a complete ecosystem for smart contracts of the Lescovex platform, the companies, initiatives or small producers will be able to choose to distribute their digital goods in different formats of collective financing, such as the ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) or crowdfunding. The platform will offer an extensive system of services destined for the promotion of the digital goods created on Lescovex. The objective of this promotional services is to improve the visibility of the digital goods built on the platform in the crypto community.

Currently, the project can be tried out during its alpha development phase, where some of the main contracts are demonstrated, as well as a panel for the exchange of digital goods.

The public presale of LCX, a Lescovex native token started on February 12th. The participants can take part in the presale of the LCX tokens, during which a maximum of five million tokens will be distributed. The first phase of the fundraising campaign offers a 25% discount on the base price of the token, which is 0.01 ethers.

With the goal of encouraging an optimum level of liquidity backed up by a solid community committed to the platform, Lescovex will divide its earnings with the entire community that supports the exchange by buying the official token of the platform. The investors who buy the token will receive 50% of the commissions of all the exchanges generated on the platform.


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