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Minexcoin Announces the Launch of the MinexBank iOS App

MinexSystems, a company behind Minexcoin and MinexBank, has announced the launch of its iOS app. After a long and painstaking process of verification, the MinexBank iOS app has finally reached the Apple App Store. The app can be downloaded for free for iPhones and iPads as well.

Appearing on the App Store is a historic event for any blockchain company. The majority of the FinTech startups face systematic exhausting inspections by the App Store personnel. These control are focused on the legal state of the projects and less on their technical aspect. This is because the verification of the app by Apple, one of the most powerful companies in the tech sector, shows confidence in the project.

Boris Shulyaev, the CEO of MinexSystems, shared his comments regarding the verification of their MinexBank app for iOS: “It took about two months for adding MinexBank to the App Store. After lengthy negotiations, provided evidence, legal review, etc. we have proved that MinexBank transparent and clean on the law. What’s more, we have proved our cross-platform status and once again have shown the team works hard and solves even time-consuming issues.”

The MinexBank iOS app and its version for the Android mobile operating system offer all the functionalities of the MinexSystem product to the users at any moment and from any place from their smartphones. The app provides all the functions of MinexBank and it is completely synchronized with the desktop version. Just like the Android version of the app, MinexBank for iOS allows the users to perform various tasks such as: Park your MNX with one touch; View parked coins and parking rates; Re-park your coins on different durations; Monitor all transactions of the bank in real time operation; Be the first to know about changing interests.

Every user that has a personal MinexBank account can download the app and start using it with his wallet address and password.

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