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The Authorities in Argentina Arrested the Scammer Known as the “Queen of Bitcoin”

The authorities in Argentina arrested a woman known as the “Queen of Bitcoin”. The scammer was arrested on March 21st, 2018 in the town of Clorinda and accused of tricking one man in paying her thousands of dollars in exchange for investing in cryptocurrencies.

According to local sources, the woman with the Paraguayan nationality was accused of tricking the man by promising him to participate in bitcoin investments in exchange for 55,000 US dollars. However, after she received the money, she told the man she was going to make sure the dollars were not fake, after which she escaped without giving him anything in exchange. The name of the woman is still unknown.

The accused woman had a safety box in the Bank of the Argentine Nation (Banco de la Nación) in Buenos Aires and used it as a cover for not raising suspicion. This is where she met with the victim and it is still not clear if there are more victims she tricked by using this method.

The investigation is still going on and the police is studying the footage from the surveillance camera of the Bank of the Argentine Nation, as well as the social network accounts of the accused woman.

The woman was arrested in Clorinda, a town on the border with Paraguay, where she was followed by the police agents. The premises in which she was arrested were raided by the police and a large quantity of IT equipment was confiscated by the authorities. The police is now investigating if the woman committed other frauds as well.

This is not the first time people in Latin America are victims of scammers. At the end of January, a company called MTCoin tricked more than 1500 Ecuadorians by promising them cryptocurrency investments in exchange for money.

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