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ySign, a Decentralized Messaging App Based on the Blockchain Technology Announces its TGE

ySign is a new messaging application whose goal is to revolutionize the modern communication. The company has announced its token generation event (TGE). The event started on March 21st, 2018 and it will conclude on May 4th, 2018.

ySign responds to the growing necessity for quick, simple and secure digital communication, without the complications associated with the centralized communication systems currently available on the market.

By using the revolutionary blockchain technology, ySign is trying to make radical changes in the way people communicate between themselves.

More specifically, ySign eliminates the outdated and problematic method of centralized processing of text messages and calls. This is what its website says about the new application: “Communicating with someone freely and without a stored copy of conversation will be possible with our new application for secure, decentralized communication. When we say freedom, we think that the complete app is decentralized, which means there is no processing and storage of messages or calls. ySign is a new messaging application based on blockchain technology. With our app, we can send messages and make phone calls to others free, secure and anonymous! Creating and developing an app for communication without stored information was our goal. Instead of storing your chat communications or calls on a central server, ySign uses blockchain technology for decentralized file sharing to carry and distribute encrypted messages. The decentralized blockchain is our way to secure and guarantee users total privacy during the exchange of information. If there is no centralized copy of all data, there is also no possibility to misuse any information about users. Also, the application doesn’t require any personal information from users – users are registered just with username and password. That way ySign provides a high level of privacy and security for registered user and all data. We are giving you the chance to interact comfortably with people around you.”

Ivan Vujic, the CEO of ySign said: “During the past several years, there has been increased concern about online communication privacy. The market is saturated with centralized apps and communications platforms, which are vulnerable to third-party intrusion and data theft. ySign is introducing a new era to the way people connect with one another, on a global basis. Using blockchain technology, we ensure that ySign users enjoy the highest level of security and privacy during their communications, allowing them to connect with each other and share information freely, and, above all, safely.”

“Our staff has extensive experience in business, marketing, IT, and app development, while we are actively expanding our knowledge in finance and exchange platforms. We are fueled by passion and creativity; we are fast to adapt to change, and we believe it is our duty to keep abreast with the latest developments made in the ever-evolving technological field, so as to develop innovative IT ideas that would ultimately serve as everyday problem solutions for people from all around the world.”

“Our vision is that of total freedom of communication – a world where technology enables people to enjoy full freedom of speech and freedom of expression. We are confident that, through our expertise and hard work, we can use technology to both advance and simplify the concept of global communications as a whole and promote enhanced connectivity between people – wherever they might be located.”

The goal of ySign is to become a global medium for free, anonymous and secure communication that allows its users to have discrete conversations in the form of calls or text messages.

Instead of storing data on a centralized server, which is the most used method to retransmit data in today’s communication, ySign protects the privacy of the users by using the NEM blockchain technology to transport and distribute messages through the decentralized file exchange.

Therefore, this new messaging app guarantees a complete privacy to its users while protecting their data at the same time. The data is encrypted, which makes it hard for the hackers to penetrate it and gain access to personal information of the users.

Moreover, ySign does not collect the personal information of its users, it only needs a username and password for the registration.

The application is currently in development and each user will have its own unique ID. Only the last six digits of this ID will be publicly displayed. The users can choose between their username or unique ID to be shown in the app. The users will also have the option to store the messages on their mobile device.

Ysign will use its own native cryptocurrency called YSN. YSN is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain network. The app will also accept XEM tokens as well. The private sale of the YSN tokens concluded on March 15th this year. At the moment, the presale of the tokens is in progress.

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